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    Interested in joining

    Im Angelo aka DALINKWET
    i play east non ladder.
    All i do is pvp in pubs/help friends in need.
    And my time fram ranges from the morning sometimes to 4pm+ when i get home from work.

    The reason im interested is because iv herd a lot about you guys and seen you guys in action in pvp specially guilt the player.
    I have all types of bm characters
    curse necro
    town druid with gfgf oak
    pure aura town paladin
    #1 bm hydra sorc on east
    a bowazon
    And a gold find barb to supply gold.

    Get back to me tyty

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    Hello, do you know any active BMPK members?

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    for first answer to Anti's question.

    Since you got registered here, try to be active member, post some screens of your duel skill. Show your best
    All in your hands

    Fuck With The Best - Die Like The Rest

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    app denied



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